Nature gives us wonders, Yreina extracts the benefits.

Natural hair products with propolis, honey and organic essential oils.

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A male mannequin gave us time to shampoo, care and cut his beautiful hair. This mannequin has normal hair most of the year that tends to dry up a bit with the sun.

Use first of all the shampoing Douche Vitaminé (all types of hair and daily or frequent use). Use afterwards of the Lotion Réparatrice (for intense hydratation). Finally, use Pure Gel for a perfect hairstyle !

A female model gave us time to shampoo, care and cut her beautiful hair. This mannequin has colored hair damaged and dry because of the various agressions of the daily life (sun, beach, pollution...).

Use first baume Nutri-Coiff. This bal is to be Applied only in very damaged areas for deep hydration. Subsequently, a small shampoing Douche Vitaminé (all types of haïr and frequent use) to remove the excess product and remove small impurities. Finally, a shampoing Vitalité + specially dedicated to colored hair will promote the tone of the hair and scalp ! The brilliance is without appeal !