Nature gives us wonders, Yreina extracts the benefits.

Natural hair products with propolis, honey and organic essential oils.

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Expertise and know-how :


The brand "Les Jardins d'Yreina" was founded by a father and son who has been working in cosmetics for 35 years. They decided to use their experience in the supply of highly valued raw materials to work with a pharmacist who bequeathed his 30 years of research expertise on bee products and essential oils.

A research based on the subtle association of 3 natural components recognized for their benefits and their performances and a beautiful texture to support these assets :

- The honey of organic flower whose properties are no longer to demonstrate.

- Essential oils, all from organic farming, more and more recognized for their virtues.

- And finally propolis, a very popular ingredient in laboratories, but few know how to handle it to make it soluble in sufficient quantities in products.

The concept of products

Les Jardins d'Yreina products are of targeted quality, organic and natural and intended for the sale of professionals. The whole development of Les Jardins d'Yreina products will now follow the following lines :

- The use of 3 components : honey, essential oils and propolis to support the identity ans singularity of Les Jardins d'Yreina products.

- The choice of organic and natural ingredients to meet the growing demand identified.

- The choice of quality for positioning the product towards the top of the range (sales in support of the advice of professionals).

- The sale to the general public.

- A possible extension line for skin care.

Les Jardins d'Yreina products have between 3 ans 5% propolis when the proportion of propolis is 0,01% in general.